How to Spend Your Vacation in Queenstown

Heading over to Queenstown to spend your vacation tends to open the door for a number of activities that are close to being adventurous. As the place hits you with options, you can go about exploring them and understanding all that the town has to offer. But for that purpose, you need to know about this town and all it has to offer. So to help you out, we have made a complete list of places that stand to be ideal destinations for your vacation in this magical land.

1. Coronet Peak

The picturesque ski and snowboard destination of “Coronet Peak” is one place you should never miss. As the ski area opens in Winter, you can expect to witness around 32 slopes, a tubing park, a ski school, and two terrain parks. Since the slopes are geared for snowboarders and skiers of all levels, one can always move ahead to give it a try and learn more about this adventure-filled activity. But make sure that your vacation lies during the months of Winter because you cannot ski during summer.

Coronet Peak

2. Bungee Jumping

The heart-pounding activity of bungee jumping has always been known to be extreme and adventurous. Due to that, everyone has a desire to go ahead and give it a try, well, if you’re one among them, then Queenstown is the place for you. The town has several bungee sites, and finding one is not that hard. Thanks to the popularity of the sport, you can just ask around for directions to places like “The Ledge,” “The Nevis,” and so on. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and witness a life-changing experience.

Bungee Jumping

3. The Remarkables

47 ski and snowboard trails and over three terrain parks are what awaits you at “The Remarkables.” Just like the activities at “Coronet Peak,” individuals of all levels can go ahead and experience this activity that the internet cannot stop talking about. Apart from that, the mountain views and other futuristic scenarios open the door for an adventure like never before. Moreover, the trials for hiking are also equally fun, and anyone can step ahead to give it a try.


4. Onsen Hot Pools

Soaking in one of the pools at “Onsen Hot Pools” is something that cannot be explained. The comfortable and relaxing experience that it offers is second to none. Regardless of the season, one can always come up to these pools and make the most of it. So after a hectic day filled with bungee jumping and skiing, you need to visit this place and understand the true definition of heaven. Hence, visit these places and make your trip a memorable one.

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